The frame for our practice bay is made from 42.4mm OD galvanised steel and comes complete with sockets for installing.

(concreting) in the ground, spare Allen keys & instructions for erection.

The cage comes complete with sides, back and roof impact netting & Archery baffle net.

Other cage sizes are available on request if required.

The knotless impact netting we use has a 2.3mm diameter & a 20mm mesh size and comes with heavy duty archery grade baffle nets to hit the ball directly into.

Treated to maintain its strength and structure for use in our challenging climate. The netting is UV stabilised and rot proof minimising the impact of the sun and adverse weather. To minimise damage and wear to the perimeter of the net we overlock/stitch the edge with 5-7mm selvedge cord.

Both the steel cage & all the netting is manufactured in the UK where it is cut and stitched by hand.

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery from the date of order placement.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.