The County Golf Fairway Mat

This Golf Fairway Mat measures 20cm x 40cm.

Very robust, stable & durable Hitting/Practice mat, ideal for use when Winter rules apply to your Club.

It has already proved to be a much more enjoyable playing option to your clubs standard fairway mats!

It comes with a dense 12mm nylon grass playing surface inset into a heavy duty rubber frame, enabling the player to hit his shot without the mat shifting on impact.

This mat can also come with its very own made to measure rubber tee adaptor. ( Pictured in photos ).  This adaptor fits snugly into the hole pre punched into the mat. The top of the adaptor when fitted sits flush with the surface of the mat. The adaptor is fitted with a cross hair top enabling all types of tee peg to be inserted, making it a play anywhere practice tee up mat as well.