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Nordic Lawn Hybrid 32 Grass

£70.00 excluding vat

How to calculate your roll length

For example, 5 will give you a length of 5m (10m2 coverage on a 2m roll).

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Nordic Lawn Hybrid 32 Grass is a durable product suitable for high-traffic areas.

The blades are made from 100% polyethylene which are knitted in a honeycomb structured mesh.

This allows natural grass to grow through the mesh. The mesh is also ideal for overseeding when in situ.

The grass is used for Golf Tee areas, pathways, slopes, public spaces and other areas with high activity and lots of wear.

Also comes with the required amount of our biodegradable pegs needed. Being biodegradable, over time the pins decompose without leaving any residual material such as micro plastic.

By the time that happens, the mesh will have blended in with the natural ground base negating the need for pegging down further.


Blade height: 18mm

Colour: natural grass green

Hole size: 26x64mm

Available in: 2m wide roll upto 20m long


£35 per sqm

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2 Metre


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